New, innovative adjustment plates from HASCO

When designing injection moulds, it is important to pay attention to achieving a defined distribution of the clamping pressure over the mould parting surfaces.

The main surface pressure should always act close to the cavity so as to prevent flash formation and ensure high-quality injection mouldings.

For this reason, bigger cavity plates are often ground down in the area around the cavity inserts.

The innovative pressure and adjustment plates Z555/…, Z556/… und Z557/… permit a uniform alignment of the mould parting surfaces and allow height differences to be readily offset.

They ensure a defined pressure distribution and precise mould parting surfaces and thus prevent any deflection of the cavity plates.

Adjustment plates Z557/… with lubrication grooves can additionally be used as a sliding plate where there are inclined height differences in the parting line.

The HASCO adjustment plates in 1.2842, hardened to 58 HRC, are ready to mount with recessed fixing holes and a precision-ground material allowance of 0.2mm, in round and rectangular versions, and are available from stock.

With its new adjustment plates, HASCO is offering its customers efficient support in the field of pressure distribution and mould parting surfaces and thus making a valuable contribution to achieving greater reliability in the injection moulding process.

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