New HASCO nameplate editor facilitates customised designs

Speed, coupled with simple, efficient processes, are important in plastic injection moulding production. Tidiness and rapid identification of the available moulds are a key aspect here.

Clear labelling with securely fixed nameplates helps to positively identify and allocate the different moulds.

This is particularly important when rapid mould changes are required during hectic production phases.  

With the new HASCO nameplate A6500/… individual companies can readily implement their own classification and labelling methods.

The white-coated aluminium plate is custom-printed in line with the customer’s specifications.

In this way, key information such as mould-specific data, inventory number, product name, production date, storage location or hazard and warning symbols, can be readily applied to each mould. 

The HASCO nameplate A6500/… comes in eight sizes. It has two or four holes depending on the size and can be mounted securely and visibly on the mould with the HASCO grooved pins that are supplied.

The newly programmed HASCO nameplate editor provides a simple and transparent means of compiling customised nameplates.

The button for opening the editor is located directly adjacent to the product size selector. The nameplate can be freely configured there.

The desired image files, text boxes and lines can be individually positioned, together with round and angular shapes. 

The maximum working area that is available can be highlighted in colour with a single click, or can simply remain white.

The 3D product preview enables the customer to make any changes that may be required both easily and rapidly prior to production. 

With its new nameplate A6500/…, HASCO is simplifying matters for the injection moulding industry. 

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