Netstal launches Elios 7500 injection molding machine

IMG_A_ELIOS_KeyVisualNetstal (Näfels, Switzerland) has introduced Elios 7500, a new high performance injection molding machine with a clamping force of 7500 kN. In combination with proven technologies on the injection side, users get an extremely high-performance, robust and highly precise machine that is optimally tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the competitive thin-wall packaging market. The Elios 7500 will be in continuous operation during the eight trade fair days: With a cycle time of 4 seconds, more than 43,000 round lids with a part weight of 2.8 grams are produced per hour in a 24+24 stack mold.

“Through its Elion series, Netstal is renowned for high-precision and extremely fast injection molding machines with an electrical clamping unit up to a size of 420 tons,” said Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, CEO of Netstal and President of the Injection Molding Machinery segment of the KraussMaffei Group. “With the Elios, our engineers have succeeded in transferring the high speed and typical Netstal precision to a 750 ton clamping unit with electrical movement,” added Golz.

The Elios is currently the fastest (measured according to Euromap) dry cycle in its size class, due to its newly developed and especially energy-efficient electrical clamping unit. The centrally aligned 5-point dual toggle lever ensures optimum introduction of force into the center of the mold installation space, and therefore uniform distribution of the clamping force. The robust design effectively prevents any deformation of the mold plates. The very large pillar distance and the extremely ample opening stroke facilitates the installation of stack molds or simple molds with large cavities.

The Elios 7500 can be equipped with hybrid injection units in the 2900, 4200 or 6000 sizes. Two screw diameters can be selected from.

The hydraulic injection axis is driven by means of two highly dynamic servo valves that guarantee very high acceleration values, high injection capacities and precision control characteristics during the injection and hold pressure process. The two-valve technology enables a flow rate of up to 2 x 550 l/min with a maximum reaction time of 11 ms. The ELIOS delivers impressive specification values with injection speeds of up to 2,200 mm/s and acceleration values of up to 20 G. The finely tuned digital controller ensures very high positioning accuracy and outstanding shot weight consistency. The plasticizing unit is equipped with a special clamping system and can be easily replaced.

“Meeting the performance requirements of our customers is fundamentally at the center of new developments. With the Elios 7500, a high-precision injection molding machine is now available especially to the producers of packaging products, which enables them to successfully manufacture high-quality thin-wall packages over the long term and with minimum unit costs,” said Markus Dal Pian, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Netstal.

Due to the high flexibility of the media, the Elios can be adapted for an extremely broad range of applications with a plethora of options.

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