Mecspe 2016 – Parma Fairgrounds, 17th – 19th March 2016


 foto A  OKIt goes on the positive trend of economic recovery that confirms MECSPE observatory’s latest forecasts. More and more companies witness a rosy and growing future.

At MECSPE, the exhibition of specialized mechanics held in March in Parma (IT), the manufacturing industry meets, innovates and upgrades.


The made in Italy starts running again. In the first semester of 2015, the positive recovery trend of our Country has further improved. The confirmation has come from Istat that has revised upwards its GDP estimates concerning the first and the second quarter of 2015. In the first three months of 2015, in fact, the Gross Domestic Product rose by 0.4% while in the second quarter the Country grew by 0.3% compared to the three previous months and by 0.7% versus the second quarter of 2014. A positive picture confirmed also by MECSPE Observatory, the international exhibition of innovation technologies that will take place in Parma from 17th to 19th March 2016. According to MECSPE study, carried out on a sample of 330 companies in the mechanics sector, in the first six months of 2015, companies’ satisfaction degree is neatly rising. While, in fact, in 2014 45.1% of the sample stated they were highly satisfied with their business trend, in 2015 the number rose to 64%. Besides, the research highlighted that the index of satisfaction swells hand in hand with the increase of the number of employees: the bigger is the company size, the higher are the positive answers. If we examine in fact realities that employ from 10 to 49 workers, we notice that the utmost satisfaction is expressed by 62% of the sample, but it exceeds 82% for the enterprises with over 50 employees. At the same time, the Observatory highlights that, from January to June 2015, the turnover grew for 47% of businesses, compared to the corresponding 2014 period and that the forecasts for the next six months are decisively positive. Almost half companies, in fact, expected to improve their turnover in the second semester of last year versus the first six months. Data, the latter, fully mirroring the economic recovery and the renewed confidence shared by Italian companies and the entire Country system. “The current trend – underlines Emilio Bianchi, Director of Senafconfirms the positive forecast of our last Observatory that announced the definite overcoming of the crisis and the economic recovery. Today we can certainly state that those data actually represent the mirror of the market with a rosy prospect for the future. A renewed optimism that goes hand in hand with the constant growth of MECSPE, every year ranking as a real reference event for the entire manufacturing industry field and as an updating and growth instrument for sector enterprises, traditionally standing out for high quality and professionalism standards”. The signals of great vitality of SME are further confirmed by the growing propensity for investing in research and development of companies, increasingly oriented to enhance the specialization and excellence degree in production. MECSPE observatory’s data underline in fact that almost 9 companies out of 10 invested part of their turnover in research and development in the first six months of 2015. Enhanced also the employees’ training. In the first 2015 semester, in fact, 55.4% of companies invested in internal training with more than 10 hours, against 49% last year. Precisely training constitutes one of the cornerstones of MECSPE, able to offer a unique opportunity of professional updating to sector players. A proposal that, in 2015 only, saw 103 conventions, workshops and mini-conferences in all, organized by businesses, universities and research institutes. One of the characterizing elements of the next edition of MECSPE will be the attention and the focus on the entire field of the Italian subcontracting. A complete offer that provides for the presentation of the various specialization areas through four thematic macro areas, subdivided by machining typology and materials: Plastic Materials, Mechanics, Sheet Metal Working and Electronics. A synergistic course with 9 thematic halls able to guide visitors in a complete tour among the manifold applications dedicated to the manufacturing industry and ranging from the design of an item to its final implementation. Besides the focus on subcontracting, among the main issues of next edition stands out automation, meant as technology applied to industry, which will act as transversal connection of thematic halls and will embrace all sectors: from automotive to aerospace and up to the machine tool manufacturing, without forgetting foundries, pharmaceutics and electronics. An offer completed by the innovative exhibition formulas of Thematic Quarters, of Excellence Squares and of Working Isles that will implement the opportunities of know-how, market and business.

For any information about the exhibition, please contact, phone: 02 332039470

foto A1 OKMECSPE Halls

 Machines and Tools – machine tools, tools and equipment; Digital factory – information technologies for the management of a smart factory; Motek Italy – factory automation; Power Drive – Systems – Components – Mechatronics; Control Italy – metrology and quality control; Logistics – systems for the management of logistics, machines and equipment; Subcontracting – subcontracting industrial machining: mechanical, sheet metal and electronic Eurostampi and Plastic – moulds and moulding – subcontracting of plastic materials; Additive Manufacturing – rapid prototyping and 3D printing.

The numbers of the 2015 edition

 33,673 visitors, 1,281 exhibitors, 31 working isles, 15 thematic quarters, 9 thematic halls, 10 excellence squares, 103 conventions and mini-conferences overall organized by companies, universities and research institutes.

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