Krauss-Maffei to increase performances with new hydraulic CX series and AX Silco-Set

Bild2_PM_IMM_2012-005_MultinjectKrauss-Maffei introduced the new hydraulic CX series and the all-electric AX Silco-Set for processing liquid silicone rubber.

The company says that significant savings potential can be delivered by its new APC (adaptive process control) function, which allows the injection moulding machine to restart quickly and to process even difficult batches of material with high proportions of recycled materials into premium quality components.

A CX 160 machine is demonstrating the creation of interesting laser and hologram surface effects. This machine uses a dynamically inductive mould temperature control system (Dynamic Mould Heating – DMH) from Roc-Tool. Future-orientated lightweight design with reinforced thermoplastics will be demonstrated with the CX 300 Fiber-Form. The process developed by Krauss-Maffei combines injection moulding with thermoforming of composite sheets. The machine on show will demonstrate e-production of airbag housings with weight savings of up to 40%, compared to metal components.

PM_IMM_2014_10_CX_35_180_KomplettansichtSilicone is on the rise, in the form of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) or of solid silicone (HTV – High Temperature Vulcanizing). In particular medical technology and the automotive and leisure industries are increasingly interested in the outstanding physical and chemical properties of the material. KraussMaffei is demonstrating the production of a nasal ventilator made of liquid silicone rubber. The product runs on an allelectric AX with 500 kN clamping force in a four-piece mold. The SPX 10 sprue picker with extended function takes the parts, separates them and deposits them. The Elmet metering and mixing unit provides for optimum draining of residual fluids, ensuring that no material goes to waste. The AX SilcoSet is suitable for use in cleanrooms and is approved for medical use. All-electric AX series injection molding machines from KraussMaffei feature resource-efficient manufacturing with high repeatability. They earn a rating of Class 9+ on energy efficiency tests.

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