ITS Manufacturing, Inc adds the customized Okuma MB-5000H Machining Center

okumaITS Manufacturing, Inc. of Crewe, VA, has added the customized Okuma MB-5000H Machining Center to its already fully loaded 36,000 square foot machine shop extending its capacity to 4-5 axis machining—with world-class efficiency and productivity.

ITS’s Okuma MB-5000H is high-speed and thermally stable, providing contour milling, two chick column vises and 64 tools. With high power, extremely fast acceleration and quick tool changes, a higher level of CNC machining is now locally available to people throughout Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic.

Okuma’s total system engineering provides high-speed milling, boring, drilling and tapping of aluminum alloys, cast irons, and low alloy steels with superior overall efficiency. The MB-5000H’s 20k rpm spindle reduces vibration while increasing production speed and feed flexibility, increasing metal removal rates and enhancing surface finish for any CNC-made part or component. These features combined with a 20 inch cubic capacity and Okuma’s sophisticated CNC software elevates overall throughput, improves quality, and reduces labor—all of which benefits CNC customers across industries.

“We’re excited to be increasing capacity while reducing labor, but that’s not even the best part,” said ITS Manufacturing, Inc. Founder and COO Trace Shook. “The best is, our customers are going to get the best CNC-made parts and components around—faster and more economically than even before.”

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