In Q4 2015 orders for machine tools rise by 16.3 percent, UCIMU reports

luigi-galdabiniIn the third quarter 2015, the index of orders for machine tools, processed by UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, reported a 16.3 percent increase compared with the same period of the previous year.

Therefore, there has been an extension to eight consecutive quarters of the positive trend registered by the order index, whose outcome was due to the positive results achieved by the Italian manufacturers both in the domestic and in the foreign markets.

In particular, domestic orders grew by 5 percent in comparison with the period July-September 2014, whereas an even stronger upturn was recorded with regard to foreign orders, increased by 18.5 percent.

The analysis of data, conducted by the method of the “moving average”, – which considers the trend of the last four quarters, thus allowing to reduce the effect of seasonality determined by the different collection of orders in the different quarters, – is currently showing a value of 130.1 (base 2010=100).

Luigi Galdabini, president of UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, asserted: “This last survey has confirmed that the Italian industry of the sector has taken a favourable path, proving to be able to seize the opportunities offered by the recovery of Italian and foreign demand. The displayed technology suggests our Government authorities that the intentions of Italian users should be supported by special ad hoc actions, since they are again ready to purchase new production means, as foreign users are.”

“In this connection, we warmly welcome the provision of super depreciation, which allows 140 percent depreciation on the value of the purchased asset. This is an excellent reply to the necessity of supporting domestic demand, as this provision, included in the Stability Law, can be applied to all purchases of machine tools and others, made between 15 October 2015 and 31 December 2016, even on lease or according to the procedures provided for by the Sabatini Law.”

“Moreover, it is precisely the great effervescence of foreign demand, experienced at EMO MILANO 2015 and confirmed by the last order index that compels us to reason on the evident necessity of encouraging and further stimulating Italian consumption. The modernisation of factories’ machine stock in our country is actually an essential premise to maintain the competitiveness of Italian manufacturing production against foreign competitors.

“For this reason, a measure should be implemented to encourage voluntary replacement of obsolete machinery installed in Italy. In this way, the production systems may meet the new requirements of productivity, energy saving and compliance with the current EU regulations on work safety, while ensuring an appropriate competitiveness to the Made in Italy.”

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