i-lighting Injection Molding increases operations

i-lighting Injection Moldingi-lighting Injection Molding, a division of i-lighting, the manufacturer of iluma LED lighting products, has expanded operations at the company’s facility in North East, Maryland to provide cost-effective & high-quality production capabilities for runs of every size. This includes partnering with companies ranging from startups to leading corporations to produce the custom plastic parts and components necessary to bring products to market and make entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

“i-lighting Injection Molding was born through our inability to find reliable, cost-efficient partners to manufacture our extremely durable and high-quality iluma LED lighting products,” says Scott Holland, president & CEO of i-lighting, LLC. “So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and do it ourselves. Most recently, we expanded these efforts with full-time staff and the latest technologies to provide the very qualities we sought from other shops. This includes delivering high-end injection molding services to customers ranging from entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar organizations. The result is a state-of-the art operation that caters to customers with friendly, quality and timely production capabilities.”

i-lighting Injection Molding specializes in the manufacture of plastic parts and components for wide-ranging applications. This is delivered in a climate-controlled environment that accommodates smaller runs with secondary services that also include sonic welding, low-pressure overmolding, material drying, assembly and part design assistance.

In addition, i-lighting Injection Molding prides itself on fast response times, customer-friendly pricing and helping clients conceptualize projects from start to finish. As with i-lighting, unrivalled customer support is the foundation of all operations.

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