HASCO’s innovations for mould and die making industry

hasco HASCO is presenting innovations and new developments for the mould and die making industry. The company is offering its customers a large number of new applications and problem solutions for mouldmaking. The concept and design of the unscrewing tools used to mechanically unscrew threaded cores has been greatly simplified.

Additional size variants for the intermediate gear wheel Z1555/… and the parallel key Z1558/… extend the range of potential applications. The gear shaft Z1557/… which has now been included in the range allows the steps between the individual modules to be readily implemented. The diameters of the shafts are coordinated with the intermediate gear wheels Z1555/… Fitting the hardened shaft with standardised parallel keys permits rapid deployment with no need for adjustments.

Using the new adjusting washers Z1568/… which have been taken up in the HASCO gear range, width tolerances in the bearing boss can be offset without any outlay. The washers are coordinated with the diameters of the two bearings Z1564/… and Z1566/… The adjusting washers prevent tolerance-conditioned movement on the shaft and friction wear between the individual components.

Further additions to the range are the cylindrical roller bearings Z1561/… and the needle bearings Z1567/…, which are specially coordinated with the Z1550/… threaded cores. Despite their low installation height, these offer a high load-bearing capacity and precise support for the core, with a maximum service temperature of up to 120°C.

With its considerably expanded gear range, HASCO is living up to its claim of Enabling with System and greatly simplifying the implementation of gear applications in mouldmaking.hasco-stack-mould

Stack moulds constitute a technically and economically advantageous alternative to bigger machines or moulds.
The new standardised HASCO components, the gear housing Z1545/… and the rack unit Z1547/…, enable the simple, reproducible and inexpensive installation of stack moulds of this type.

The low height of the HASCO components permits small distances between the tie bars on the machine and also high opening forces through the use of high-quality material. DLC-coated slideways minimise wear and extend maintenance intervals. All standardised components are available from stock. The use of HASCO stack mould components ensures that the mould production costs remain calculable and thus has a positive impact on item costs and competitiveness.

H2010_H2020The HASCO single needle valve gate nozzles H2010, H2020 are available as ready-to-install, all-in-one units with either hydraulic or pneumatic drive and a flanged-on nozzle. The use of standardised components and interchangeable parts, as well as the identical fitting space required for the hydraulic and pneumatic versions, make the units particularly service-friendly.

The single needle valve gate nozzle is designed for use with nozzles of the TechniShot H33/… series. Needle diameters of 2 to 6 mm and needle strokes of 8 to 12 mm ensure low pressure losses.

Melt guidance similar to that in multi-cavity distributor systems means that results achieved with a single-cavity mould can be directly transposed to multi-cavity applications.

The new heating concept with improved temperature distribution opens up a wider field of application for engineering plastics too. A uniform temperature profile is always ensured right through to the gate.

Customers benefit from extremely simple installation and maintenance in the mould. This then keeps the installation and process risk to a minimum, as well as the time taken for building a mould.


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