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Free 3D printing seminars around the world oranized by 3D System. 3D printing brings a wide range of benefits that traditional methods of manufacturing or prototyping simply cannot. New applications of 3D printing are emerging almost daily. 3D Systems’ customers are making an impact on our lives every day – from engine prototypes to flight-ready aerospace parts, surgical trial-runs to medical implants, and designer wearables to edible confections.

These seminars will show you how our 3D printing solutions can help you Manufacture the Future Now and accelerate your design-to-manufacturing workflow. From initial concept design to final manufacturing, 3D printing spans the entire creation process and all steps in between.

Come and learn how 3D printing can add value to your organization with:

  • Communication models for quick, conceptual, vibrant color designs to convey design intent
  • Functional prototypes to test ideas and improve product quality
  • Pre-production tooling and parts to quickly get to market
  • Production parts that are lighter weight, higher performing, simpler, and more reliable
  • Mass customization for healthcare and personalized solutions

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