Fatra invests in Negri Bossi machinery for Ikea plastic goods

New machines to manufacture a completely new product. Photo by Negri Bossi

Fatra AS has recently invested in five Negri Bossi Vector machines installed at its Czech Republic production plants in Napajedla and Chropyně. 

In a 28 July statement Negri Bossi said the investment included new 1100-tonne machines to manufacture a completely new product. 

The 650- and 1100-tonne machines were all equipped with Negri Bossi beam robots and automation, which included scales, a labelling system, a conveyor belt and guarding.

“This enables Fatra to efficiently supply a final verified product. Whilst all the Negri Bossi machines maintain very high accuracy levels, the robot monitors the component weight with any parts out of tolerance being rejected into a dedicated container,” the machinery supplier said. 

After weight checking, a label dispenser adds a bar code label that the system verifies with an optical reader to validate position and readability. The products are stacked on a conveyor belt before moving to the warehouse.   

Fatra, which employs more than 1,100 at the two plants, supplies “high quality components and specialised customer-tailored solutions” to customers such as Swedish home furniture store Ikea

 In 2016, Fatra had a turnover of CZK 3.70bn (€142m) with more than 75% of its production headed for international markets. 

Materials processed include PVC-P, PVC-U, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, PP, PET, and ABS.

“At Fatra our focus is always on delivering a very reliable service to our customers. Negri Bossi help us achieve this and we see them more as a partner than a supplier,” said Jitka Svobodova, project manager, Fatra AS.

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