Elabora develops the innovative software solutions i-Man

Elabora srl develops innovative software solutions for SMEs since 1987. Today it’s divided in four divisions: software development, first-level support, senior consulting (more specialized consulting) and Systems Division.

Prodware is Elabora’s core product: it is an extended ERP platform (Enterprise Resource Planning) that provides the procedures for business management, quality control, administration, CRM, control and production planning in any company type.

The large number of modular components make it suitable and adaptable to the needs of manufacturing companies, who deal with mechanical manufacturing, mold production, engineering, rubber molding and plastics up to electronics and electrical engineering.

What is i-Man?

i-Man (Interactive Manufacturing) is a subsystem of Prodware Manufacturing and it is the most advanced innovation in the market for the collection of production data.

Composed of wireless touchscreen terminals equipped with a web-based software and electronic boards that interface with the machines, it allows bi-directional information flow between production workers and the company.

All the information entered in i-Man is processed by the central system and made immediately available, as well as any changes to the production program or to the technical documentation arrives in real time to employees.

Thanks to an intuitive interface operators are informed of the work to be performed, while they view the designs and equipment, perform quality checks, receive alerts, manage traceability, print labels and much more.

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