Dmg Mori announces good year 2015 results

dmg-moriDmg Mori has published results of financial year 2015. The company has increased sales revenues compared to the previous year by 3% to € 2.3 billion and EBIT to € 185.9 million (+2%). EBT rose by 24% to € 217.3 million.

Sales revenues were the highest in the company’s history with € 2,304.7 million. This was € 75.7 million or 3% above the record level of the previous year (previous year: € 2,229.0 million). International sales revenues increased by 6% to € 1,542.6 million; domestic sales revenues amounted to € 762.1 million. The export share was 67% (previous year: 65%).

The Dmg Mori group could again improve its key earnings figures over the previous year and achieved the best result in the company’s history: EBITDA rose by 5% to € 243.1 million (previous year: € 232.5 million); EBIT amounted to € 185.9 million (previous year: € 182.6 million). EBT rose by 24% to € 217.3 million (previous year: € 175.3 million).  Annual profit in the group reached € 159.6 million (+32%; previous year: € 121.1 million). We have thus achieved the highest values in the company’s history in all key earnings figures.

Equity rose by € 91.4 million to € 1,357.5 million (previous year: € 1,266.1 million). The equity ratio was 59.4% (previous year: 56.8%).

On 31 December 2015, the group employed 7,462 employees including 320 apprentices (previous year: 7,166 employees). The number of employees rose by 296.

The year 2016 opened with a share price of € 37.05 (4 Jan. 2016). At the moment, our shares are quoted at € 37.17 (XETRA-based closing price on 7 March 2016). Market capitalisation rose in the reporting year by € 1,149.2 million or 62% to € 3,001.4 million (reference date: 30 Dec. 2015) and thus achieved the highest value in the 145 year history of the company.

The German machine tool industry started the year 2016 with cautiously positive expectations. VDW and Oxford Economics expect growth of 4.1% for the worldwide machine tool market.

For the first quarter 2016, we are expecting order intake of around € 600 million. For the year overall, we are planning slightly higher order intake than in the previous year. In the first quarter 2016 we are expecting sales revenues approximately at the previous year’s level; for the year overall, we are again planning sales revenues of around € 2.3 billion. In the first quarter EBT will be slightly below the previous year’s level; for the year overall the result will probably be significantly below the high level of the previous year.


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