Coveris rolls out in-mold labeled thermoformed dairy package

Coveris developed the in-mold labeled thermoformed package introduced by Finish dairy group Valio Ltd.

Coveris Holdings Corp. and Finnish diary producer Valio  Ltd. have developed a container with thermoformed in-mold label (IML-T) that decorates the entire container.

In a March 8 statement, Chicago-based Coveris said it had initiated the development over three years ago, and that Valio later joined the efforts to create the label, which Coveris said was “first of its kind”.

The label features “360-degree illustrations” that cover the container wall all the way up to the sealing rim. This, according to Coveris, was made possible with a combination of forming and label positioning.

“These illustrations can include photorealistic illustrations, which is a development that makes the Valio container really stand out,” the company added.

 According to Coveris, the new technology cuts weight by up to 20 percent by using foamed, lightweight multilayer sheets, such as Neocell or Neocell+ with a gas-injected middle layer and optional filler materials.

Additionally, the company claims that waste and operating temperatures will be lower as it will apply its in-mold labels.

Various label types are available for this project including PP, PS, hot melt paper, coated paper and recyclable paper.

Coveris said decoration is a “step up in competition,” as it is “highly visible, stands out on the shelf and is sure to get the attention of consumers.”

In addition to visual features, the IML-T technology provides oxygen barriers that increase shelf life and 100 percent UV barriers that allow preservation of the organoleptic properties of high fat products.

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