Concrete solutions for Industry 4.0, innovation and training

Maruska Sabato, Project Manager MECSPE

Constant meeting point of innovation and excellence, this year MECSPE welcomes visitors with some great novelties.

Maruska Sabato, project manager of MECSPE, illustrates us the current evolution of this constantly growing exhibition.

What are the main innovations for the 2018 edition?

In the incoming edition, we will still propose concrete solutions on the issues of Industry 4.0, innovation and training to our visitors.

MECSPE is the only trade fair dealing with the “4.0” theme for five editions now, with a pragmatic character that can be enjoyed by small enterprises, through the special project Digital Factory 4.0, an entire show dedicated to demos with operating machines and devices.

What new requirements of the manufacturing industry does MECSPE intend to enhance and to boost?

Today manufacturing enterprises, besides facing the themes of Industry 4.0, are expected to think in terms of circular economy and then particular attention will be paid to the new economy model and to the whole supply chain of both biologic and technical materials.

This activity will be presented inside a special area of the exhibition precisely called “Circular economy arena”, a space designed by Arch. Michele De Lucchi, inside of which will be presented case histories of companies that have started implementing this business model.

What are the other novelties of MECSPE 2018?

The salient novelty of the 2018 edition is the Show dedicated to Non-ferrous materials, alloys, composites and technologies.

Aluminium, titanium, magnesium, alloys and composites will be the focus of this new area that, through practical demonstrations and thematic conferences, will offer visitors interesting ideas of technological transfer and new solutions for the design and manufacturing of goods, taking also the lightening issues into account.

The initiative is hosted in the Show dedicated to the themes of innovative materials and lightening and is setup to satisfy MECSPE visitors’ requirement of finding specific solutions at the trade fair.

Is there a dominant theme that inspires the initiatives of this exhibition?

The dominant theme of the 2018 edition will be the centrality of man inside the Digital factory. This subject will be debated by professional training figures, entrepreneurs, representatives of trade associations and experts in human sciences, framed inside the last stage of the Digital Factory Laboratory, meeting that will follow the welcome event on the first exhibition day.

Can the exhibition witness the changed positive climate of confidence in the market?

Yes, absolutely, exhibitors’ growing demand has induced the fairgrounds to the construction of a new hall, number 4.1, therefore this year the exhibition will develop in eight halls, taking up a surface of 110,000 sq.m.

Taking stock, what does MECSPE represent in the current Italian and international industrial panorama?

Today MECSPE represents the reference event for the manufacturing industry in terms of innovation, technological transfer and trend anticipation.

What possible future evolutions of MECSPE?

In the course of the years we have developed various issues, for five editions we have been developing the Digital Factory 4.0 issue.

This year we will stress the centrality of man inside the digital factory, subject that will be further developed during next editions, analysing thoroughly the questions concerning the redesign of spaces to the ends of ergonomics and sustainability.

The Shows of MECSPE 2018

For 17 editions now, MECSPE is the biggest event dedicated to the innovations for the manufacturing industry. This year, among the novelties, MECSPE deploys 12 thematic shows overall.

Besides the 11 thematic shows that have always constituted the body of the exhibition, the innovative Show dedicated to Non-ferrous materials, alloys, composites and technologies makes in fact its debut.

Through practical demos and thematic conferences, this area will offer visitors interesting ideas of technological transfer and new solutions for the design and manufacturing of goods.

The 12 halls are held simultaneously and, with the innovative exhibition formulas (such as excellence squares, demo units and working isles, thematic conferences), they provide visitors with ideas of technological transfer and updating on new design and implementation solutions.

For further information: www.mecspe .com

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