Concept Laser launches “AM Factory of Tomorrow” machine concept

concept-laserConcept Laser will present a comprehensive machine concept under the motto of “AM Factory of Tomorrow”. This is about intelligent networking of machines, a higher level of automation and incorporating system technology into the production environment. Ultimately, the goal is to open up industrial series production solutions faster and more cost-effectively.

The powder bed-based laser melting of metals has established itself as the process of choice in innovative sectors. The digital process chain offers many advantages for developers and designers when it comes to manufacturing 3D components quickly and cost-effectively; with their increased performance profiles, they are superior to conventionally machined or cast parts. Frank Herzog, CEO & President and founder of Concept Laser: “It is high time that the industrial dimension of additive manufacturing was revealed. Great steps forward have been taken with build rates, process configuration and quality assurance. Now, users are focusing on digital networking and automation. And we’re planning to address these points specifically at the formnext powered by TCT.”

AM Factory of Tomorrow. This motto not only refers to the decentralized approach with regional printing centers as service providers round the globe, but also specific measures for increasing productivity in series production. In this case, it is all about exploiting the digital potential for industrial process and system design in accordance with the “Industry 4.0” approach.

Concept Laser is formulating three significant aspects for this purpose: Digital networking of systems, integration into the production environment and automation of processes – that is what tomorrow’s series production should look like. In this regard, a completely new machine concept is being shown, one that picks up and runs with these aspects. Amongst other things, it includes flexible machine loading as well as spatial separation of the setup and dismantling procedures. The object is to coordinate the process components specifically and increase the flexibility of the process design.

In addition to the new system concept, Concept Laser will also be showing the entire process chain of 3D metal printing. To this end, visitors will find information islands dealing with the main production steps in additive manufacturing such as design (keywords: bionics, lightweight construction, topology optimization, function integration), production and quality assurance, together with partners. Also, the three-dimensional QMmeltpool 3D will be on show; this monitors and documents the component in real time. Furthermore, an M2 cusing multilaser and Mlab cusing with new peripherals will reflect the current system technology of Concept Laser.

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