Completely interlinked with Erowa

In the context of Industry 4.0, everyone is talking about the advantages of automation and as far-reaching an interlinkage as possible of the whole company.

The possibilities of digitization enable us to make enormous data flows more consistent and to make all the information more manageable and to make it available everywhere at any time.

Existing processes are optimized or fundamentally redefined.

Companies operating in this field thus profit from increasing flexibility and increased productivity: those who attain the ideal of the smart factory are competitive to the highest degree. In any case, however, universal workpiece tooling systems constitute the prerequisite for successful automation. Only in this way can the next step towards complete interlinkage be made.

Erowa presents one option of how this can be realized with the redesign study “Edge 20”: workpiece tooling systems of a fascinating design and trail-blazing functions.

The new generation of Erowa tooling systems combines the well-known properties of precision and stability with a new design and the innovative features of wireless signal transmission.

Status display via LED

The Led strip integrated in the chuck displays various statuses directly on the chuck. Thus you can see at a glance which status the chuck is in.

Ready for the IoT

Knowing in even more detail what’s going on: the EROWA mobile app for SmartChucks visualizes current clamping equipment data even on your smartphone. Status requests and further information about the life-cycle can be retrieved at any time – and all this without any mechanical link, with state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology.

Well-thought-out functions

Energy distribution has been consistently thought through to its logical conclusion. No matter whether you need compressed air, vacuum or even hydraulic oil, the ingenious coupling systems ensure that every medium is led right to the upper edge of the pallet – for instance in order to be able to operate active fixtures.

Swiss Precision

EROWA does what it says on the tin. The well-defined, universal design language makes it clear at a glance that the products are originals.

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