Asta-net: A successful new initiative that’s attracting new partners

astanet stampi_13 OKAsta-Net is an industrial Association composed by 19 Brescian enterprises. Asta Net aims to offering a complete, competitive and highly qualified service following the customer at all steps, starting from the engineering to the realization of the finished products. The group plays in a crucial role for every modern industrial production system and its strategy builds upon excellence and competitiveness in order to react to the economic and markets situation created by the globalization. Technical competence and service quality are the Association’s points of strength; also, it lies in the ability of its network based on the cooperation between Italian and foreign sales officers shared with the technical-commercial staff managed by Asta.Net . The General Manager, Mr.Andrea Cerutti told us also about the remarkable results ; thanks to the new strategy in this five months of the current year, Asta.Net’s commission has already outnumbered the goals achieved in 2014. This means that the initiative is gaining to the success and it aimed at despite to a critical macroeconomic scenario. This is also the reason why Mr. Cerutti confirmed us to be optimistic about the imminent enrollment of other players and operators in Asta-Nets’ team. Asta.Net’s market-development is making clear the real project to new possible potential partners. Asta-Net’s target-markets are focused on Germany, as first, followed by Germany’s traditional partner-nations such as Poland, Czech Republic, even Turkey and Hungary that the consortium wants to explore throughout empowering with a new workforce concerning specialized resident manager. It is Andrea Cerutti’s opinion that this new turn will also be able to display an immediate and successful return. Asta-Net’s mission is providing for a top notch expertise in different sectors, supporting the customer in the techno-economic choices , in the steps of product development and production equipment, according to the customer’s requirements.

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