Arburg wins State award for Industry 4.0 innovation

State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Katrin Schütz, left, presents the “100 Centers of Industry 4.0 Excellence in Baden-Württemberg” award to Susanne Palm, team manager public relations at Arburg.

Arburg has won an award recognising its work to drive forward industrial innovation in its home state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The ‘100 Centres of Industry 4.0 Excellence in Baden-Württemberg’ award was given to Arburg for its smart luggage tags, at award ceremony in Stuttgart, at the Nueus Schloss.

Presenting the award, Katrin Schütz, State Secretary for Economic Affairs, emphasised Arburg’s outstanding innovative strength.

She said: “The production of ‘smart’ luggage tags offers impressive proof of how Arburg products can be used to implement Industry 4.0 in practice, customising high-volume parts in batch sizes down to a single unit and thereby adding value during the manufacturing process.”

The awards aim to celebrate Industry 4.0 achievements, and to encourage small and medium businesses to take the opportunities involved in Industry 4.0.

The combination of injection moulding and additive manufacturing allows for mass customisation, as used in the production of Arburg’s smart luggage tags.

The Smart luggage tag shows how ‘mass customisation’ can be achieved relatively simply by combining injection moulding and additive manufacturing without sacrificing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness offered by high-volume production.

During the 100 Centres of Industry 4.0 Excellence awards, a panel of expert judges assesses specific practical relevance with regard to Industry 4.0.

To date, a total of 84 companies, institutions and other organisations have been presented with a certificate and a glass plaque in five award rounds. This number is to reach 100 over the course of 2017.

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