AIM Launches New Molding Certificate Program

The American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute has launched a brand new Injection Molding Certificate Program.

This program was developed recognizing that molders should be able to apply diverse techniques to establish an optimized process and creativity to efficiently solve complex molding problems.

“This program was designed to not only teach molders how to set up and transfer processes between molding machines, but also how to be more creative and become better at troubleshooting,” said John Beaumont, founder and President of the AIM Institute and Beaumont Technologies.

“Our students are guided to apply critical thinking to determine the root causes of molding issues and to address these directly rather than applying less robust symptomatic fixes.”

The Injection Molding Certificate program is built on the AIM Institute’s unique educational focus and course structures which include establishing a solid foundation based on scientific and engineering principles.

Working with the AIM Institute program development team, lead course developer and instructor Jason Travitz designed the program using many of the principles he practiced during his 20-year career in injection molding.

As a senior molder, Jason learned how important a solid foundation was to his success, noting “to deal with the diverse challenges of injection molding, a molder should be able to move beyond a predetermined process methodology and react creatively to each new mold, product, and polymer, each of which contribute their own unique challenges.

This requires an in-depth knowledge of the complex interactions of the molding process with the polymer, mold design (including its melt delivery system), and part design. These are essentially the four pillars of injection molding.”

Students will acquire in-depth knowledge about the molding process and these four pillars. During the program they will spend a week in the classroom and lab then return home for five weeks of homework and online reviews before returning for second week of hands-on focused learning and two days of final exams.

This format provides additional learning and instruction for the students to increase their understanding, retention, and improve their critical thinking by applying what they have learned in assignments beyond the classroom.

Potential students interested in the program can contact the AIM Institute by e-mailing

All candidates will be interviewed by an AIM Institute Instructor prior to receiving enrollment acceptance into the course.

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